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Informal Carers
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Informal Carer

Just because it is unpaid doesn't mean informal care isn't expensive both financially and socially. Our platform enables carers to live their lives while their loved ones live theirs.

  • Monitor your loved one without disrupting their day or yours.

  • Peace of mind with updates that let you know they are going about with their normal routine - making tea, going for a walk, or taking their medication.

  • Health insights you can share with their doctor.

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Home Care Agencies

Professional carers face many challenges due to Covid 19  despite their services badly needed.  GranGran helps professionals track health needs in real-time so professionals can provide better or more efficient care.

  • Get actionable insights on how patients are doing. 

  • Keep seniors independent, in their own homes for longer

  • Track health and behaviour trends, getting notified of subtle changes over long time horizons.


Long Term Care Insurers

Enabling seniors to live independently, in their homes is not only good for society but it also considerably reduces costs. Every day GranGran enables a senior to stay in their own home saves £80 per day compared to a full-time assisted living facility.


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